Company history


1983 – 1990
Ever since 1983 Xafax has played a prominent part on the Dutch market for registration and payment systems. Since the company's foundation Xafax has specialised in developing 'copy control' systems; simply put these are systems for registering and/or settling copying and print jobs.
The name Xafax originated from a combination of the words Xerox and Fax. When this name was conceived, fax machines did not yet exist. At the time a ‘fax’ was a type of copier.
Up to 1990 Xafax was a dealer of Xafax International. There were dealers in Belgium and France, too. From 1990 onward Xafax Netherlands has been completely independent and Xafax Netherlands B.V. was founded. Xafax became the exclusive reseller of copy control products of Copytex, the later Intercard AG.

1990 – 2000
From 1990 to 2001 our focus lay on developing multifunctional smart card systems for various fields of application such as catering, vending and access control, in addition to the sales of payment systems for printing and copying.

2002 – Take-over purchase IT-Sec BV
By taking over IT-Sec BV, Xafax took the step toward of the library world. Many libraries now use PayStations, Xafax's self-service machine. The development of the PayStation has not stood still. In 2009 the 3rd generation was introduced as part of the Cashless Library concept.

2008 – Take-over purchase Xafax Belgium
Since late 2008 Xafax has been taking over the up to then independently operating Xafax Belgium. Meanwhile, Xafax Belgium has opened a new branch in Ternat, near Brussels. With their own sales office and technical department, our Belgian and Luxembourg customers can expect the same service as our Dutch customers can.

2009 – Take-over purchase intellectual property Infineer
In 2009 Xafax took the strategic decision to buy part of the intellectual property of Infineer Ltd. Due to the acquisition of this intellectual property, Xafax is a fully autonomous and independent supplier of payment systems - hardware and software.

Xafax introduces mobile payments via NetPay
Xafax introduces EveryonePrint 4.2
Xafax universal payment solutions with Equitrac, PaperCut, Pcounter and uniFLOW
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