Contactless Payment System


Xafax has the ideal contactless payment solution: payment credit is not stored on a smartcard but online.

How does it work?

Every user is linked to a central database and receives a personal online credit. A smart card or tag is used as a unique means of identification and provides access to an online purse.

Paying for many facilities

This electronic purse is used to pay for printing, copying, a cheese sandwich from the cafeteria or a can of cola from the vending machine. Transactions are monitored in real time by the central management software.

A secure system

Because card holders are individually linked to an account, 'cloning' cards by criminals does not have any direct financial consequences for your organisation and fraud is discovered quickly. You have complete control over the system.

Do you already have a card in use?

The Xafax contactless payment system is also an ideal option for organisations that already have a card in use, e.g. for access control. You will continue to use your existing card and the payment function is simply integrated. Xafax accepts many types of cards (e.g. Mifare, DESfire, SmartMX etc.).

Benefits online payment system

• Personal online purse
• No loss of credit in the event of the loss or theft of cards
• User-friendly and cost-saving
• Flexible and future-proof
• Central administration online

More information?
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