Service and maintenance

After the (payment) system's implementation the Xafax technical service will support and maintain it. With a service & maintenance contract you will pay a fixed amount to cover the costs for support, maintenance, repairs and parts replacement. You can count on our services always being carried out by specially trained technicians.

Customised service
You can choose from several contracts with various service and maintenance levels that offer a wide range of support during the years you will have the system in use. Response times depend on the maintenance level you choose. However, you are always assured of an optimum level of service. Customised service. With a Xafax maintenance contract you know where you stand.

Preventative maintenance
Preventative maintenance and fast service in the event of malfunctions guarantee the optimum performance of your Xafax system and therefore the continuity of your business. Upon moving or putting another network into operation, Xafax will also help assure a smooth transition. Connecting machines, network configurations, new equipment and users...with Xafax you have nothing to worry about. This can be very helpful in such situations.

Benefits of a maintenance contract
• Being able to rely on the support of our technical department at all times
• Guaranteed fast response and repair times
• Longer system life
• Keeping malfunctions to a minimum
• Know where you stand

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