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Fokko Duijzer new general manager of Xafax Netherlands

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Fokko Duijzer new general manager of Xafax Netherlands

As of February 1, 2020, Fokko Duijzer has been appointed as new general director of Xafax Netherlands. His appointment follows the departure of Ewout Vet.

Duijzer, until recently technical director, has worked at Xafax since 1994 and has a broad knowledge of and experience with general management. He will use his years of experience in commerce and operations to further develop Xafax.

The reason for the appointment of Fokko Duijzer is Ewout Vet's decision to focus on new personal growth opportunities after 10 years of management. As a shareholder, Vet will remain involved with the Xafax Group and its subsidiaries.

“We are pleased that Fokko takes the lead of Xafax with his experience and knowledge. He knows what it takes to grow Xafax successfully. ” Said director Ewout Vet.

"As director, Ewout Vet has in recent years laid the foundation for the digital revolution towards a more software and services-oriented company," says Duijzer. "I think it is a wonderful challenge to continue this development."

In addition to Duijzer, the management team of Xafax Netherlands consists of Roland Vet (commercial director) and Bart Vet (operational manager).