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Our homework tips

The Netherlands is currently in the grip of the coronavirus, which is why many people work from home. To make working from home a little easier for those who have little experience with this, we have a number of tips.

1. Create a work environment
When working from home, it is very tempting to open the laptop, sit on the couch and get started. Our tip: don't do this! Make sure to sit at a desk or kitchen table like you would in the office. This active attitude ensures that you remain productive, so that you do not sit on the couch.

2. Communicate clearly
Working from home means that you cannot walk to a colleague to ask something, so it is important that you communicate clearly with your colleagues. Are you unable to get out or do you get stuck? Please indicate this as soon as possible. And do this as clearly as possible, so that a colleague can help you directly with one message.

3. Create for a to-do list
An advantage of working from home is that most people are less disturbed, so that more can be completed. That is why it is wise to make a to-do list at the start of your day with the tasks that you want to complete on that day. Incidentally, it is not unwise to set priorities here, so that the important issues are addressed first.

4. Schedule your breaks
Where you regularly have a small break at the office by grabbing a cup of coffee or having a chat with a colleague, this is not always the case at home. It happens that people are so focused that the breaks are forgotten, but it also happens that too many breaks are taken. Our advice is therefore to plan your breaks. For example, work in blocks of two hours so that you can plan your breaks well.

5. Share your knowledge
While working from home it is very important to stay connected with your colleagues. You must of course keep abreast of each other's progress. A tool that can offer a solution here is Microsoft Teams. With this tool you can easily meet, share documents and create task lists.