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Xafax ICT

We offer a solution for all ICT challenges within SMEs.

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We live in a rapidly changing world in which ICT applications are an integral part of these changes. Xafax ICT is the partner for small and medium-sized enterprises to support this change in a personal and transparent manner.

By being a single point of contact we make complicated solutions something simple. This is how we relieve the customer in his transition to optimization.

Customer experience Hoekstra Training

Xafax was commissioned to realign matters at Hoekstra and that was very satisfactory.

Our solutions
  • Telephony

    Determine how the telephony is set up? Thanks to our VoIP solutions, we can arrange this for you. With our VoIP solution you call over the internet and we can set everything to your liking.

Hoekstra Training
Customer experience Bukom

Secure data storage is essential for Bukom. Xafax ICT is a very logical choice for this!

Our solutions
  • Strategic backup

    Protecting all company data against external threats is important to any organization. We can guarantee the safety of your company by storing the backups encrypted. And with the use of firewalls, we protect your network against external threats.

Customer experience Bakker & Painter

Complete unburdening was the decisive choice for Bakker & Painter to opt for Xafax ICT.

Our solutions
  • Printers

    With your company you want to be smart with all the print prints you make. After all, if this process is organized efficiently, it can save money. We have the knowledge to arrange this for you.

Bakker & Painter
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