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Xafax Case Study

Hoekstra Training

'My best decision was to place all ICT matters with one party'
What was the question?

Hoekstra Opleidingen was looking for a single party for all its IT services.

Our solutions

The one stop shop principle of Xafax ICT has made it possible to place all ICT services with one party.

Unburden you too?

Xafax ICT keeps its promises. Want to outsource your online environment?

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Marco Koelman
Marco Koelman
Marketing & sales
Solutions for this case

Determine how the telephony is set up? Thanks to our VoIP solutions, we can arrange this for you. With our VoIP solution you call over the internet and we can set everything to your liking.

More about Telephony
Marco Painter
Marco Painter
Director Owner
"It has all become a lot more transparent and, not unimportantly, considerably cheaper."


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